The wholesale of domestic goods is handled through field sales of two sales teams. One team specializes in off-trade sales to more traditional retail outlets, like supermarkets and convenience stores. The other team focuses on on-trade sales to mostly hospitality venues, like restaurants, cafes, hotels and bars. The products and categories in our portfolio are carefully clustered to optimize the offer towards any specific off- or on-trade customer.

The sales routes cover all main roads and areas from east (Skeldon) to mid (Georgetown) to west (Essequibo). The south-west route (Bartica) and south-east route (Linden) are also included.

Coverage is at least 90% of all off- and on-trade venues in Suriname, whether directly or indirectly through third-party traders.

The orders are processed at the main office and delivered two days later by our inhouse distribution fleet. A mix of light vehicles, vans and distribution trucks can be allocated, depending on the priority, quantities and customer location.

The Providence area has been designated as one of the new commercial hotspots by the Guyanese government. The main goal is to accommodate both local and international investors in a prime location. It is strategically located just outside of Georgetown and in the center of all commercial activities.

The construction of the new company building in Providence, Guyana started in 2022. Expected delivery is mid 2023. It will be the new hub for all activities in Guyana. Facilities include offices, (bonded) warehousing, loading docks, conference rooms, parking, maintenance shop, etc. The surrounding lot offers enough space for future expansions, like frozen warehouses, facility buildings and container storage.

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